Fintech: The new buzz in the Education Field


As the world of finance is witnessing a new era ofdigitalisation, knowledge of Fintech becomes an added advantage or rather sine quo non for modern day financial activities. The need of the hour is to introduce the learning of technology at the school level, specially at the level of management and professional studies. Thus, the upcoming graduates of the financial world should develop an expert knowledge of Fintech. Fintech –the word signifies to the ever-expanding developments in the technological world that has brought a significant change in the financial sector.Fintech has led to the financial inclusion through various innovations. This has resulted in the enhancement of the efficiency and reduction in the risk. FinTech products and services like Crowd funding, Peer to Peer Lending, Big Data, Robo advisors, block chain technology etc. have embraced the financial markets globally. It facilitates the collaboration of the investors and the seekers of the funds in an easy manner. The researcher endeavours to study the need for the introduction of Fintech learning in the education field.

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