Effective And Interactive Class Room Teaching


Higher education is now a days undergone a change in its prospective as it’s expected dimensions include 1

Product Dimensions: Performance, Reliability,  Durability and Serviceability

Software Dimensions: Correctness, Reliability, Efficiency, Integrity, Usability, Maintainability and Portability.

Service Dimensions: Reliability, Responsiveness, Competence, Courtesy, and Communication

These have found wanting because of the shortcoming of present day teaching some of them are:

Subject contents are becoming unpopular/dull and irrelevant in the eyes of students

It does not promote higher order of cognitive skill2

It leads to gaps between students aspirations and teachers expectations

It is not changing to keep pace with the present day requirements because teachers are reluctant to accept the change.

Present Day Challenges in faced by teachers in class room teaching are mainly due to3

Inadequate background of subject of students at school level

Poor understanding of language /medium of instruction 

Compartmental surface learning of topics without appreciating connections between them.

Unequal contents of units/papers

Insufficient ever reducing number of teaching days

Lengthy description leading to confusion  of important concepts of the subject 

The present communication is an attempt to provide a brief  overview of the use of some of the cognitive tools in actual class room teaching (of chemistry)during past years.

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