The Role Of Technology To An Entrepreneur


Technology entrepreneurship is a concept of transforming research and potential of scientific institutions into new products and services, which significantly increases benefits to consumers and results in a faster economic growth in the future. By ensuring effective and synergistic relations where science takes on economy (taking into account the broader issue of the so-called business environment), technology entrepreneurship focuses on implementing advanced solutions and securing their market success, as well as on using their applications and distributing their effects in the business environment.  In result, it holds the potential to become one of the central factors in making the innovation potential of innovative enterprises. This applies in particular to small and medium companies, which due to their resource shortages possess limited ability to take out independent research and development activities. This research paper focus on how technology can help to an interpreter for their development. Job and being employed have been viewed equally the most necessary ingredient for human survival since ancient time. It is actually not just the beginning of economic survival, but also an incorporated section of one`s social identity. Employment plays such a vital personal, economic and societal character that it is seen as an index for every government`s success and programs. In the over populated world in the third millennium in which the unemployment rate is prone to be on the rise, it has turned to be the most severe challenge for the regimes. Therefore, they are examining different strategies to diminish the unemployment rate. It is the reason why “entrepreneurship” has become a buzzword in Iran and the regime is spending a hefty sum of money on it through different actions

Keywords: technology, entrepreneurship

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