Assessing Skill Gap and Recommendations for Skill Development in Higher Education


Education is regarded as one that contributes to social, political, cultural and economic transformation of country. Since India’s Higher Education (HE) System is the World’s 3rd largest in terms of Student next to China and US. India Educates approx 11% of its youth in HE as compared to 20% in China. According to the survey carried out by a number of Agencies more than 70% of our Engineers and Management Students are not employed. Although India’s HE system contributes about 3,50,000 Engineers and 2.5 million Universities Graduate Annually about 5 million graduates remain Unemployed. A survey by Mc Kinsey Global Institute shows that MNCs find 25% of Indian Engineers Employable, and according to NASCOM “Each year our Graduates and Post graduates are added to Indian workforce, out of this only 25% of Technical Graduates and 10-15 % other Graduates are considered Employable. Dr. Kalam has rightly said that “India does not have Problem of Unemployment but Unemployability.” The Graduates lack other skills. Basically Graduates needs General Skills i.e. Integrity, Reliability and Team work and specific skills i.e. Entrepreneurship, Communication etc. to overcome this Problem. Colleges need to change their pattern of Teaching from Teacher’s centric to Student centric.

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