A Study of Juvenile Delinquents in India: A Burning Issue


A child is born with innocence and if nurtured with tender care and attention, then they grow in positive way. Physical, mental, moral and spiritual development of the children makes them capable of realizing their fullest potential. On the opposite side, harmful surroundings, negligence of basic needs, wrong company and other abuses may turn a child to a delinquent i.e. a juvenile delinquent.

‘A child is an uncut diamond ‘it depends on the society how to shape an uncut diamond.

Children constitute about 40% of India’s population and India has a National Policy for Children declaring children to be a national asset. Even so majority of India’s children continue to be in difficult circumstances. India has signed the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and bound itself to work towards ensuring all the rights enshrined therein to all its children. India has witnessed an increase in crimes committed by children and those committed against them. There has been 97.9% increase in crimes committed by children between 2003 and 2004Over 33,000 juveniles, mostly between the age group of 16 to 18, have been arrested for crimes like rape and murder across Indian states in 2011. According to a Home Ministry data, of the total of 33,387 juveniles apprehended in 2011, 21,657 were in the 16-18 age group, 11,019 of 12-16 age group and 1,211 between 7-12 age group (PTI, 2013).Whereas, 32,145 such youngsters below 18 years of age were held in 2006 .According to the data 34,527 in 2007, 34,507 in 2008, 33,642 in 2009 and 30,303 during 2010, the data said. The data also shows increasing cases of rape by juveniles. 

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