A Comparative Study of Organizational Commitment between Managerial and Non Managerial Employees in Insurance Sector


Today’s competitive business environment is one that is characterized by varying complexities and a retinue of external environmental radicals that has forced most businesses to go back to the draw board, where others have to renegotiate their existence, and are forced to take radical decisions such as outright sell out, merger and acquisition and others have even been forced into oblivion. In the face of these uncertainties organizational handlers have come to the realization that corporate bodies can no longer be sustained through improved products alone but through dedicated and committed employees. This reality has therefore conspicuously placed employees as one of the crucial success factors at the disposal of organizations. When employees are committed to their organization, there is every tendency that the achievement of strategic and predetermined organizational objectives among other vital objectives becomes possible. Committed employees are the backbone of every successful organization. If employees are well motivated by their organization, they tend to behave in such a manner that will bring a lot of benefits to the organizations as they become satisfied and channel their energies and skills toward the organization thereby helping the organization in its drive to achieve its core objectives both in the short and in the long run.

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