Agricultural Marketing in India - Issues and Challenges

Introduction: Agriculture has a significant role in Indian economy. Agriculture continues to be main stage of life for majority of the Indian population. The agriculture sector in India has undergone significant structural changes in the form of decrease in its of GDP from 30% in 1990-91 to 13.9% in 2011-12 indicating a swift from the traditional agrarian economy towards a service dominated one. However, this decrease in agriculture’s contribution to GDP has not been accompanied by a matching reduction in the share of agriculture in employment. About 52% of the total workforce is still employed by the primary sector which makes more than half of the Indian population dependent on the agriculture for sustenance. The agricultural marketing in India is serviced through a network of 22,505 rural primary markets (RPMs) and 7190 wholesale assembly and terminal markets set up under various state marketing legislation in the country.

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