Financial Inclusion and Poverty Alleviation: Issues, Challenges & Strategies

Financial inclusion and poverty alleviation are correlated with each other as we all know in today era; financial inclusion plays a major role in alleviating the poverty. Financial inclusion is the delivery of financial services at reasonable price to low income segments of society. The core of financial inclusion is to ensure that a range of appropriate financial services is available to every individual and enable them to understand and access various services. There is a substantial gap between demand and supply of financial services to poor people according to their need and accessibility; more and more efforts are needed to make people aware of financial services available to them as most of rural are not financial literate. This paper is an attempt to highlights the issues, challenges and strategies of financial inclusion and its impact on poverty alleviation.

Keywords: Financial Inclusion, Poverty, Alleviation, SHGBLP, AEPS, MFIS, 

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