Determinants of Brand Loyalty: An Analytic Exposure

Today brands are becoming indispensible part of our social life. Now a day brands reveal personal choices and these choices also indicate societal changes. The brand concept is one of the prime concerns for the marketers. Indian FMCG market is a highly competitive market where brand establishment is not sufficient. The success of a firm depends on its capability to attract consumers towards its brands. In particular, it is critical for the company to retain its current customers, and to make them loyal to the brand. It is very important to have brand loyalty. Brand loyalty also provides the firm with trade leverage and valuable time to respond to competitive moves. In sum, loyalty to the firm's brands represents a strategic asset which has been identified as a major source of the brands' equity. Brand loyalty depends on few factors but here the objective of the study is to analyze customers’ expectation from the brand and its fulfillment, brand heritage and brand presence as the key determinant of brand loyalty in Indian FMCG market with special reference to bathing soap brands. Some demographic variables are also taken into account to establish the influential effects of these three variables on brand loyalty.

Keywords: Brand Loyalty, Customers’ Expectation, Brand Heritage, Brand Presence. 

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