Exploring The Determinants of Work-Life Balance of Software Professionals in Indore Region

Work-life Balance has become one of the major challenges in the field of Human Resources management. With the transformation of information and communication technologies and their usage, it has affected the work lives and family lives of individuals positively and negatively. The present study investigates the impact of information technology on the determinants of work-life balance of software professionals working in IT industry with special reference to Indore region. The main aim of this study was to explore the determinants of work-life balance. Data was collected with the help of structured questionnaire on a five – point Likert scale consisting of 40 items and all items had adequate reliability. Convenience Sampling was used for data collection and the questionnaire was distributed to 150 respondents working in IT Industry in Indore, out of which 120 dully – filled questionnaires were received. The collected data was analyzed using appropriate statistical tools such as Factor Analysis. The findings may have implications for organizations, academicians and can provide scope for future research.

Keywords: Information Technology, Software Professionals, Work-life Balance, Family-life, Work-life, IT Industry.

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