Problems of Women Entrepreneurs in Indore District- An Overview

It is imperative to note the participation of women in economic activities as self-employed individuals. Many of the traditional occupations open to women were mainly based on caste and creed and the nature of self-employment was based on the standard of living. Presently, not only are women generating employment for themselves in the unorganized sector, they are also providing employment to others. Woman constitutes the family, which leads to society and Nation. Social and economic development of women is necessary for overall economic development of any society or a country Entrepreneurship is the state of mind which every woman has in her but has not been capitalized in India in the way in which it should be. Due to change in environment, now people are more comfortable to accept leading role of women in our society, though there are some exceptions. In this paper we discuss about the promotional efforts for women entrepreneurs and barriers faced by women entrepreneurs while establishing and running business.

Keywords: Women, Entrepreneurs, Economic Development.

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