Determinants of Negative Attitude Towards Online Shopping

On-line shopping has seen a high growth in the last few years. Customers in metro cities as well as in growing cities like Indore have adopted on-line shopping as a way of life. Online shopping is basically the purchase of products and services through the internet medium. A wide range of products and services like air and rail tickets, hotel bookings, flowers, books, dresses, shoes, mobiles etc can be purchased at the click of a mouse. The immense benefits offered by online shopping like convenience, 24 x7 connectivity, wide choice have made it highly popular. However, there is a segment of population who still prefers the traditional shopping mode over online shopping, in-spite of the convenience it offers. 

The paper first identifies the key determinants of negative attitude towards online shopping. The authors use exploratory factor analysis technique to ascertain the various reasons for a negative attitude towards online shopping. Finally, this paper has given some strategic recommendations for the e-commerce players to successfully market their services to this market segment. 

Keywords: On-Line Shopping, Negative Attitude, E-Commerce.

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