Apparel Shopping Behavior: A Snapshot

Shopping behavior is a complex and multidimensional concept. Consumers’ are now in a more involved manner into apparel shopping than ever before. But the perception and opinion of consumers vary while buying apparels in different environment. This paper has made an endeavor to determine the factors that the consumers’ are considering at the time of shopping fashion apparel items. To do so, a focus group interview has been conducted through a structured questionnaire by using 5-point Likert scale on 160 samples of individual consumers within the age of 25 to 50 years from Bangladesh and West Bengal. Stratified random sampling was considered in the study. Multiple regression analysis has been carried out to identify consumers’ apparel shopping behavior. The study also attempts to develop a theoretical approach of fashion apparel shopping behavior and propose few opinions for the marketers so that they can competitive edge in fashion industry.

Keywords: Shopping Behavior, Fashion Industry, Apparels.

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