A Study on Food and Beverages Television Advertisement on Food Consumption Behavior

Advertising aims to influence audiences by informing or reminding them of the existence of the brand or at a higher level, persuading or helping the target audience differentiate a brand from other competing brands in the marketplace. A strong theory of advertising propounds that advertising can persuade/influence someone to buy a product that they have never previously purchased. Also, it helps in sustaining a long-term purchase behavior. Advertising is also designed to be capable of improving people’s knowledge.

The consumer behavior theory makes the assumption that consumers are rational and they have perfect information about the market. Also theory indicates that consumers are fully aware of their needs and desires and have complete knowledge of how they can satisfy them in the best possible way. The fast food market all over the world is made up of different companies offering closely related products and services but under different brands. Firms are constantly engaged in competition to attract consumers who themselves are much diversified in their demands. All over the world exhibit varied taste and preferences for food, beverages & health drinks hence, it facilitates the firms to understand the behavior of consumers to enable them strategize to respond to the demands of the market and stay competitive.

This study is aimed at measuring the impact of television advertising on the consumption behavior preference and the final purchase decision of the consumer market. It also aims to measure the impact of peer group pressure on their purchase behavior. The study also measures to what extent pester power is used by consumer.

T.V advertising playing a main role in demonstrating and introducing the features and characteristic of goods and beverages services to give the consumer more information about the product to make it easier to select the best brand according to their preferences.

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