Futuristic Approach Towards HR Emerging Trends: A Perspective

In the global advancement HR creates a need for the organizations to adapt the changes in technology and the changing issues in management of people. The current outlook of HRM is largely related with the drastic development of businesses globally, technological innovations and fierce competition that characterizes the environment in which businesses operate today Although the overall objectives of formulating and implementing HR strategies as described throughout this level are the same for national and multinational companies, global HR strategies must take into account factors germane to direct investments made abroad and the management of cross-border operation. HR must be seen as a credible, knowledgeable, influential partner not only in core HR issues but in all areas of business. In this paper an attempt is made to point out  the experiences on emerging strategies such as- work life issues; quality management standards; human resource outsourcing; retention strategy; pay and benefits; training and development; performance and reward systems; globalization of HR operations; and legal and ethical guidelines in managing human resources. The management has to recognize the important role of Human Resource Department in order to successfully steer organizations towards profitability. The focus of this study is on the salient human resource strategies that come into play as a function to perform by the HR Professionals of the multinational reach of companies.

Keywords: Globalization, Work Life Issues, Outsourcing, Retention Strategy, and HR Strategy.

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