Role of Educational Institutions in Entrepreneurship Development

India has been growing at a quite high rate in the recent years, and is possible to be the largest economy in the world by 2050. India is a young country with about 63 per cent population currently being in the working age group of 15 to 59 years. This is a bonus factor in its favour many studies have found that growing entrepreneurship prevalence rates are highest in the 25-34 age groups, but this demographic bonus could prove to be ineffective if we are not able to hold our youth in creative pursuits through developing appropriate skills, including entrepreneurship skills.  Today, only about 5-6 per cent youth have access to some type of skills.  

Education is an important aspect in determining the entrepreneurial direction in individuals. Studies proved that formal education is positively correlated with entrepreneurship. Education and training can have specific role in enhancing entrepreneurship in the context of a developing country

Keywords:  Entrepreneurship, Education, Development, Entrepreneurial.

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