A Comparative Study of Restructured Advances of Public Sector Banks and Private Banks

When the company cannot meet with its financial obligations or paying the debts when they are due, the company can be considered to lead to a debt trap situation and accordingly the company may face insolvency. Thus, to avoid insolvency problems the restructuring of advances require. Financial restructuring is offered to all sectors and industries i.e. manufacturing sector, service sector, infrastructure sector, trading activities and it also includes micro, small, medium and large industries including proprietary concern, partnership firms, cooperative societies, private and public limited companies and public sector undertakings. There are various tools available for financial restructuring but some of them are massively used during past years and Corporate Debt Restructuring is one of them. The study is mainly focused on the data available with CDR cell, BIFR, RBI and published news related to area of study. The study covers only cases of CDR process.

Keywords: Financial Restructuring, Corporate Debt Restructuring (CDR), Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Banking System.

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