Talent Acquisition, Management and Retention: A Conceptual Study

The business environment in emerging markets for the next 10-20 years will be challenging due to talent shortages and fierce competition for competent and trained employees. The most valuable asset of a 21st century institution, whether business or non business, will be its talented workers and their productivity. The success of an organization is not in most cases shown only through their profits. Today the value of a company with respect to its market value exceeds their financial quality. Intellectual capital is a major share in the value of the company. Talented workers are the key source of competitive advantage for the today’s companies. Today talented workers account for major chunk of the workforce in developed nations. Talented workers will do things spectacularly, if only they are managed well. Managing employee with an emphasis on intellectual capital and talent is an emergency that arises in the path of Human resource managers, so the human resource manager have to managed them effectively and efficiently and retained them for the future growth of the organization. These assets can be appreciated or turned into a liability and how to acquire, manage and retain this employee in the organization is also something that requires talent. Most companies in the world have great challenge for the coming year, the challenge of scarcity of talent because the most competitive company will be those that have the most talented employees. This paper is an attempt to give the realistic view about talent acquisition, management and retention. In this paper the author tries to focus on the problems and prospects in managing the talented employees at the workplace and how to retain them in the organization.

Keywords: Talent Acquisition, Intellectual Capital, Talent Management, Talent Retention and HR.

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