The Impact of Green Marketing on Environmental Safety and Customer Satisfaction

Green marketing is growing rapidly and consumers are willing to pay a lot for green product. Green marketing affects all areas of our economy. Green revolutions, going green, environmental protection, sustainable life style, sustainable development, protecting our Planet and many more have become a natural phenomenon in our everyday life. Green marketing is a tool used by many Organizations in various industries to follow this trend. As society becomes more concerned with the natural environment, businesses have begun to modify their process in an attempt to address society’s new issues. Some businesses have been quick to accept the newer challenges or changes like environmental management, minimization of the waste aligning with organizational activities. For a company to be successful in implementing green marketing strategy, it should not forget attitude of consumers towards green marketing and the awareness towards Environment Protection.

There has been a lot of literature review on green marketing over the years, this paper analysis the impact of green marketing strategies on environmental safety and customer satisfaction. As a result, this paper can be used by researchers who need to find out the impact of green marketing on environmental safety and customer satisfaction.

Keywords: Green Marketing, Green Revolution, Consumer Satisfaction, Sustainable Life Style, Environmental Safety, Eco-Friendly Products, Green Marketing Strategies, Green Brands, Green Products.

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