Factors Affecting Selection of FMCG Brands: An Empirical Study

Marketing of FMCGs brings many challenges in front of the marketers because of rapidly changing customer profile, intense competition, fickle brand loyalty and escalating expectations of the customers. To fight with these complications the marketers need to craft creative marketing strategies. In order to craft creative marketing strategies the marketer must explore the perception of the customer. Customers look for many parameters for selecting any brand of FMCGs. This paper aims to find out the factors affecting selection of FMCG brands. A 5- point likert scale was designed to collect the data. Factor analysis is used to identify these factors. Three factors namely Brand Attributes, Brand Value and Brand Personality emerged out to be important factors for the selection of FMCG Brands.

Keywords: Brand Loyalty, Brand Personality, Brand Acceptance, Brand Preference, Factor Analysis.

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