Performance Improvement through Stress Management: A Comparative Study on Occupational Stress in Nationalized & Non Nationalized Bank

In today’s competitive & global market place maintain a competitive advantage by becoming a low cost leaders or a differentiator’s put a heavy premium on having highly committed or competent workforce. Managers today must juggle the task of monitoring performance managing incremental innovation & leading revolutionary or discontinuous change efforts. A clear understanding of the drivers of performance innovation & change is required to manage human capital in today’s competitive environment. This research work explored the degree of stress in bank employees experience in various ways. Bank employees cannot afford the time to relax & “Wind down” when they faced with work variety discrimination, favoritism, delegation & conflicting tasks. Occupational stress emphasizes the importance of assessment & management of work related stress. The recognition of the harmful physical & psychological effects of stress on both individuals & organizations is widely studied in many parts of the world. Results of data analysis provided evidence the employees educational level affect the degree of stress they experience in various ways. 

Keywords: Competitive Environment, Stress Management and Performance Improvement.

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