Challenges and Opportunities & the Need of Research & Innovation for Food Processing Industry in India

The agriculture sector in Indian contributes a fourth of the country’s GDP and provides employment to approximately two third of the population. However, its potential has not been tapped due to slow development of the food processing sector in India. In view of the existing opportunities and challenges faced by the Indian economy industrialization seems to be the best alternative solution to boost economic growth and rural poverty alleviation. Considering the present level of development Agro based industries will be analyzed in terms of value addition, employment generation, linkage within and outside the economy markets and exports. The value addition contribution of food processing industries is also in line with the level of development of urbanization of the country. The contribution of food processing industries also depends upon the type of agricultural products. World-class institutions for technology, management and entrepreneurship are the critical requirement for the growth of food processing industries, since they would address the gaps in the current Indian scenario by developing world-class managerial talent and entrepreneurship with adequate technical background in food sciences and technology. Increasing importance of food hygiene and safety standards have facilitate new business incubation services that can map the demand and supply trends in the Indian and overseas markets.

Keywords: Food Processing, Opportunities and Challenges, Agro-Based Industries, Research and Innovation, Urbanization. 

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