Development through Intelligent Infrastructure: An Evaluation

Intelligent infrastructure is to create ambient intelligence as a result and outcome. Intelligent infrastructure is a vision which surrounds intelligent and intuitive interfaces, supported by computing, communication and networking technology that is now prevailing everywhere, embedded in everyday objects and infrastructure as mobiles, laptops, tablet, feblet, vehicles, roads, homes, systems and working places, etc. Intelligent Infrastructure enables greater user friendliness, more efficient services, user empowerment, and support for human interactions. Services using intelligent infrastructure provide context specific unique information at all occasions and events. A lot of information is produced and made available using intelligent infrastructure regarding real-time business information also. The volume and occurrence of the desired information is likely to increase drastically in future. Ensuring data interoperability between different unique systems is a key task. The intelligent infrastructure comes from technology and the way information is transformed, distributed and shared is important. The present research paper explores the potential for the deployment of value added intelligent infrastructure to optimize scarce resources, enhance competitiveness and create new enterprise opportunities at lower cost with a widened base. It also focuses on usage of the intelligent infrastructures specifically on energy, water, transport and waste management. 

Keyword: Intelligent Infrastructure, Computing, Communication and Networking Technology, Real-time Business. 

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