Speech by CA Dr.P K Jain

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Respected Panel Members and august gathering,

It is indeed my pleasure to put before you some issues related to higher education.

1. Inspite of the fact that there has been a tremendous updation in the field of higher education, there but still persists a huge gap between the actual scenario and the expected scenario? What could be the possible reason for the same?

2. Even though the place of the teacher has always occupied the most respectable status in our society since ancient time but then, also the generation next parents do not want their children to be the teachers of tomorrow. A doctor sees a future doctor in his son/daughter and an engineer would want his son to be in an engineer. Why is it so?

3. Even though in this time of cut-throat competition where admission should be based on competitive examinations, then also we find that to achieve the desired targets of seats fulfillment. Students are admitted 

a. Without Examination

b. No cut off

So, what is the significance of conducting the examination?

4. The relief which is provided in the form of ATKT i.e. letting the students to appear for exams “N” number of times till its clearance has made the process of regular updation of the syllabus very difficult. What could be the possible solution as regular updation of course is the need of the hour?

5. Due to technological, economic and cultural advancements there is always a need of to start new and innovative courses. But implementation of the same is an expensive and lengthy affair. So, what could be done to live up to this expectation?

6. Classroom knowledge and real world appear to be extreme which can never meet. Students usually complain of a vast difference between a   Institutional knowledge and industries expectation? Why is industry based syllabus not framed?

7. As English language is the medium of communication for the subject. We find that language is the biggest barrier even for the teachers. So, how could this problem be solved and the desired cause be justified?

8. What does quality higher education mean?

9. Higher education faces an acute shortage of faculty as well as quality faculty. What can b done to address this issue?

10. In a report of top 500 universities of the world, India features only 2 universities and that too low at low ranks. Even the IIMS and IITs have not made it to this …. . Why does the Indian education system lag so far behind International Education?

11. Now days higher educational Institutions have become more or less like placement agencies (consultancies). The efficacy of an institute is assessed by the number of placements that particular institute has given. The core objective has shifted from imparting education to giving placements. “Every College/Institute wants to lead in this. – Rat Race” To what extent is it justified?

12. In India, Institutions are like IITs, IIMs, NIITs, ICAI, ISCI, ICWA etc are producing world class professionals because of complete autonomy and there legal status under individual enactment which mean that we are capable of imparting good education and producing good world class professionals, then why this system cannot be transferred to other educational institutions?

13. Present evaluation system is basically focus on learning, mugging and reproducing. It is in no way of assisting the knowledge and wisdom. There is a need of some changes in evaluation system which should include continuous evaluation system like CBSE has already introduced the system of evaluation.

14. In present education the aim is to prepare the student as successful professional not as a successful responsible citizen having high value system? Is it correct?


So these are few issues raised by me before the panel. Thank you for patience hearing. 

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