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Speech by CA R K Khandelwal

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A very Good Morning to Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Dr. Rajkamal, Additional Director Higher Education Dr. N.K. Dhakad, Shri P.C. Jain, Dr. CA P.K. Jain,  CA Prashant Jain, Shri Anil Gorani, my dear faculty members, all the dignitaries sitting on the Dias and off the Dias and my dear students.


Pioneer Institute has organized this conference on the theme centered at higher education scenario. I am hopeful that the eminent personalities from academics, industries and media along with the future generation – i.e. students will discuss and recommend on few issues like:-

1. Why the public sector undertaking / government organizations, ministries are conducting separate examinations like IAS, IRS, IFS, etc for recruitment of persons in their organizations discarding the established education system which is producing professionals like CA, IIT, IIM, etc?

2. There should be a closed interaction between industry and education institution which will help in practical understanding of industry requirement

3. Syllabus should be framed in accordance with industry requirement

4. Industry expert having practical knowledge should share his knowledge with the students during their course. 

5. Why more emphasis is given only on degree like PhD and not on the person having experience and professional degree?

6. We claim that we have got premier institutes like IITs and IIMs but there is a question mark on their contribution to the country. Are we producing the talent for the outside world?

7. Soft skill development is not part of basic curriculum

8. Why the job is not being compatible with the degree? Is it due to un-employment or due to low level of education?

9. Courses related to skill development should be prepared and accordingly students should be trained to ease the employability. 



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