Consumer Preference and Buyer Behavior Analysis of Industrial Consumers of Electronic Weighing Scale: A Case at Saisun Engineers and Instrument Co.

Consumer behavior can be looked upon as a study of human behavior, which influences the purchase decision of consumers. It goes beyond the explicit and examines the less observable process and discusses why, where and how a purchase occurs. An industrial consumer is an entity that purchases products with the intent of using those products in the course of operating a business. This is different from a private consumer, who purchases goods and services for their own personal use. The term is also sometimes used to identify any customer that purchases industrial products, whether they are intended for use by a business, a profit organization, or by an individual. EWS (Electronic Weighing Scale) is quite a durable product for the industrial use. There are many players in the market such as Sansui, Saisun, Precision, and Orange. Hence it may be termed as a very competitive market. So, companies need to enhance the versatility, accuracy, reliability and interface capabilities of system components to provide more value to consumers. SAISUN Engineers & Instrument Co. takes responsibility for weighing systems. All components of weighing scale are designed, manufactured, tested and supported by Saisun. Saisun engineers & Instrument Co. provide fully integrated manufacturing system benefits the consumers through better quality, faster introduction of new technology and specialized machine assembly for a range of clients Initially, the research work attempts to study the various factors while buying the Electronic Weighing Scale preferentially. It further tries to understand the performance of existing machine, to find whether the consumer will continue with the same brand of machine or not. On developing the initial ground work, the research paper gives the consumer buying behavior of Electronic Weighing Scale in various sectors according to their application. The major finding of the research work includes the existing ranks of major player in the Electronic Weighing Scale market. The paper also draws out other finding such as the future trend followed by consumer with respect to their preference over different brands of Electronic Weighing Scale.