Program Schedule

National Seminar On Quality Management in Higher Education
(September 9-10, 2010)

Day 1(September 9, 2010)-Program Schedule

Registration and Breakfast- Lobby    (9:00 A.M. – 10:00 A.M.)
Session I: Inaugural Session           (10:00 A.M. – 12:00   Noon)
-    Lighting of Lamp and Saraswati Vandana
-    Welcoming the Guests
-    Institute Presentation
-    Welcome Address by Dr. P. K. Jain, Chairman of the Institute
-    About the Seminar by Dr. V. K. Jain,  Seminar Coordinator
-    Address by Dr. P. N. Mishra, Academic Advisor, Pioneer Institute
-    Release of Proceedings by Guests
-    Introduction of  Special Guest, Dr. R.P. Kaushik, EC Member , NAAC , Bangalore
-    Address by  Dr. R.P. Kaushik
-    Introduction of  Chief Guest, Dr.Pradeep Mathur, Director IIT, Indore
-    Address by  Dr.Pradeep Mathur
-    Introduction of Keynote Speaker, Dr. Shashi Rai, Ex UGC Member, New Delhi
-    Keynote Address by Dr. Shashi Rai
-    Introduction of  Chairperson, Dr. P. K. Mishra, Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor, DAVV, Indore
-    Presidentail Adddress by Dr. P. K. Mishra
-    Presentation of Mementoes
-    Words of Thanks by CA Prashant Jain

Photograph Session and Tea  (12:00Noon. - 12.30 P.M.)

Session II: Plenary Session I  (12:30 P.M. - 01.30 P.M.)
(Dr. M. Kumar, Dr. Rajkamal, Prof.D.S. Saxena,)
Lunch-Room No.4 (01:30 P.M. - 02:30 P.M.)

Session III: Plenary Session II (02: 30 P.M. – 03:30 P.M.)
(Dr. Anupam Jain, Prof. Madhav Paranjape,  Prof. L. S. Solanki)

Tea Break   (03:30 P.M.- 03:45 P.M.)

Session IV- Panel Discussion (Strategies for Quality Improvement) (03:45 P.M.– 05:00 P.M.)
(Prof. Amiya Pahare (Moderator),  Prof. Shailendra Parashar, Dr. Mangal Mishra, Dr. Ram Shrivastava,

Dr. P.K. Chande, Dr. C.K. Jain, ,Dr.Maya Ingley, Dr. P.N. Mishra, Dr. P.K. Jain, Dr. Aditya Lunawat, Prof. S. G. Shah)   
Day 2 (September 10, 2010)-Program Schedule

Session V: Plenary Session III  (10:00 A.M.- 10-30 A.M.)
(Dr. R. P. Mohanty)

Session VI: Scientific Session I   (10:30 A.M.- 11-45 A.M.)
(Session Chair: Dr. R. P. Mohanty)                                                                       
Tea Break     (11:45 A.M. – 12:00 Noon)

Session VII: Scientific Session II (Students Paper Presentation) (12:00 Noon – 01:30 P.M.)
(Session Chairs : Prof. Amiya Pahare, Prof. S. G. Shah, Shri Anurag Tagde)                                                                       

Lunch -Room No.4  (01:30 P. M. - 02: 30 P.M.)
Session VIII : Valedictory Session (02:30 P.M. – 03:30 P.M.)

-    Welcoming the Guest
-    Feedback of  Delegates
-    Introduction of Chief Guest.Dr. N.K. Dhakad, Add Director ,Higher Education,M P Govt
-    Address by  Chief Guest Dr. N.K. Dhakad
-    Concluding Remarks by Dr. P.K. Jain
-    Certificate & Photographs Distribution to Delegates by Guests
-    Presentation of Mementoes to Guests by CA Prashant Jain
-    Vote of Thanks by Dr. V. K. Jain, Seminar Coordinator.