Message of Academic Advisor

Constant pains are required to achieve superiority, brilliance and excellence. Last few years have seen far-fetched competition in each and every area due to globalization, liberalization and last but not the least recession. These  have redefined the constituents and drivers of economic progress. The traditional contributors of economic development and economic power such as material resources and production capabilities have been replaced by knowledge and education.
Quality of education plays pivotal role in the process of development of nations. Hence, quality concerns in education are national priorities for all nations. Quality has multiple perspectives and is not a unitary concept. The dimensions of quality in education includes achieving pre- determined targets and objectives.

Organizing seminar on such a subject matter, which is the need of time, is all the times substantial.

I am remarkably thrilled to mention that the organizers of this National Seminar are approaching for varied professionals from esteemed backgrounds representing academia and industry. I wish all the best wishes to the organizing team and participants. 

 (Dr. P. N. Mishra)