Digital India Programme: Importance and Impact


Since independence we hear India is developing country. When are we going to hear India is emerged country? The phase is slowly moving forward to compete with digital world. In order to compete with digital world, we need to transform our country into a digitally empowered knowledge economy. As result of high and forward thinking of our prime minister, a pan India Programme called “Digital India” has been proposed in the Budget 2014.India would become a very powerful digitally connected world. This would lead to a good architecture for electronic delivery of service. The Digital India project provides a huge opportunity to use the latest technology to redefine the paradigms of service delivery. A digitally connected India can help in improving social and economic condition of people living in rural areas through development of non-agricultural economic activities apart from providing access to education, health and financial services. However, it is important to note that ICT alone cannot directly lead to overall development of the nation. The overall growth and development can be realized through supporting and enhancing elements such as literacy, basic infrastructure, overall business environment, regulatory environment, etc. Further, Security should be the most important area at all level of operation for the digitally empowered knowledge economy of the country.

Key Words: Digital, Economy, Social, and Environment

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