An assessment of academic stress and its manifestations among University Teachers in Digital Era


Teachers stress has been well known across the globe. With the advent of the digital era, the class rooms are packed with latest gadgets and the students are exposed to innumerable electronic media, hence the role of the teacher is becoming more challenging. The fundamental purpose of this study is to highlight the major factors that affect the stress levels of the teachers and to discover the most widespread manifestations of stress among university teachers with reference to Gastrointestinal Manifestations, Cardiovascular Manifestations, Fatigues Manifestations, Behavior Manifestations, Emotional Manifestations and Psychosocial Manifestations. Convenient Sampling was used to collect data from 183 faculties of various universities across Gujarat using Teacher’s Stress Inventory (TSI) as the base. Factor Analysis was performed using SPSS to derive the most important manifestations affecting the teachers. Findings of the research showed that the determinants of stress among the teachers are numerous and wide-ranging in the digital era and disturbance in the heart rates, increasing blood pressure, shallow breath and stomach problems manifests the most among the teachers. This research will help the teachers to understand the problems arising out of stress by taking effective measures well in advance before the problems take any ferocious form. 

Keywords: Stress, Stressors, Manifestations, Educational Institutes, University Teachers, Digitalization

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