The Impact of Online Purchasing on Medical Tourism in Maharashtra State


The research Paper is exploring a emerging concept of on line purchasing growing in India and Maharashtra state. In the title of research paper “The Impact of Online Purchasing on Medical Tourism in Maharashtra State” main objective is to study the impact of Online purchasing which is becoming   very popular these days in India and Maharashtra. Online purchasing is a very efficient, convenient style of purchasing and due to this the Performance of Medical Tourism Industry is soaring. The paper is trying to review the fantastic performance due to online Purchasing in tourism and tourism supporting services in Indian scenario. Then discuss the impact of online purchase in Medical tourism in Maharashtra as it is the third largest state of India both in area and population. Maharashtra state abound in various tourist attractions ranging from Ancient Cave temples, unspoiled beaches, ancient forts and monuments, forest and wildlife, unique hill stations, and a rich tradition of festivals, art and culture.

Key Word- Online Purchase, Internet, Medical Tourism, Maharashtra

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