Digitalization: Glitter and Jitter With Reference To India


The digitalization has bought change in economy and society by reducing unemployment, improving quality of life, and boosting access to knowledge and other public services. The process of digitalization facilitates to preserve, access, and share an original document to the people worldwide that may only be available earlier to those who visit its physical location. Following this capacity building requirement are explained along with the role of the government and private sectors. Finally importance of execution and monitoring of digital growth has also been discussed. The research paper study the changes taking place in employment, job creation, economy, gross domestic product & per capita income, output productivity, Hospitality due to digitalization. Various examples of food processing industry with online platform are discussed to display change of digitalisation. Various online money processing technique tools are discussed .This is a conceptual research work at last we conclude that we study change of digitalisation on India by comparing various sectors which contribute & Effect Indian economy.

Key words: Digitalization, Economy, Employment, job creation, GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

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