Using IT Driven Tools for Enhancing Communication in English: Need of the Hour


India has a huge population and it is increasing by leaps and bounds. As per the census of 2011, India has a literacy rate of 74.04 per cent. This indicates that still there is around 27 percent population is illiterate. There may be several reasons behind this lacuna such as: depleted economic condition, ignorance, lack of awareness, lack of knowledge, high rate of school drop outs, lack of resources and so on.  Moreover, these people are living in far flung areas where rate of development is very slow, hence a need based technology programme or tool is need of the hour. Though the education status is very deplorable yet the people have easy access to mobile and internet. It sounds very promising and represents an opportunity to upgrade the learning facility. At this backdrop, this paper aims to discuss IT driven for enhancing communication in English. The present paper is based on secondary sources. The information is collected from literature reviews, internet, Research journals, magazines, newspapers and group discussions.

Keywords: IT, English, Communication, Learning, Teachers, Tools.

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