A Study on the Impact of E-Commerce on Retail Marketing in the Present Digital Era with special reference to Tourism sector


Tourism and technology is making leaps and bounds with e-commerce changing the entire structure of the tourism sector as a whole. This has led to the creation of new business opportunities. While business and stock market expectations have not been as expected, online transactions in the travel and tourism industry are continuously increasing despite tough economic problems on slow growth rate with fewer travelers overall. The tourism industry is witnessing rapid advancing in acceptance of e-commerce to the extent that the entire industry structure is changing. The Web is used not only for information gathering, but also for buying and selling services. A new trend is emerging, where one who acts as his or her own travel agent and builds a personalized travel package. This paper looks into this evolving trend and its impact on retail marketing from a perspective of literature review.

Key words: e-commerce, retail marketing, internet, technology

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