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Cloud Computing Adoption and Impact in Emerging Market

Introduction: World’s major economics are slowing down, sign layoffs, delayed investment a recession shows that the future is uncertain from the economics point of view. Customers ... Read Full Article

Assessing Skill Gap and Recommendations for Skill Development in Higher Education

Introduction: Education is regarded as one that contributes to social, political, cultural and economic transformation of country. Since India’s Higher Education (HE) System is the World’s ... Read Full Article

An Analysis of Profitability in Indian Banks

Introduction:   The world of banking has assumed a new dimension at dawn of the 21st century with the advent of tech banking, thereby lending the industry ... Read Full Article

A Study on Inclination towards Entrepreneurship among University Students

Introduction: Scott Balsky said about entrepreneurship “It is not about ideas, it is about making idea happen”   When the idea starts implementing the entrepreneurship starts, the sources ... Read Full Article

A Study of Role of an Entrepreneur in the Economic Development of a Country

Introduction: Meaning of 'Entrepreneur'   An individual who brings innovation with zeal to do things differently. The entrepreneur is generally seen as a business leader and innovator of ... Read Full Article

A Study of Juvenile Delinquents in India: A Burning Issue

Introduction: A child is born with innocence and if nurtured with tender care and attention, then they grow in positive way. Physical, mental, moral and spiritual ... Read Full Article

A Study of Crime against Women: Vulnerability to Victimization

Introduction: “Violence against women remains one of the invisible and under-recognized pandemics of our time.’   - Nicole Kidman Crime against women and gender discrimination is not a unique ... Read Full Article

A Digital Approach to Marketing

Introduction Organizations are working hard to increase their profit and profit is related to sales. To increase sales we need concepts of marketing by which our ... Read Full Article

A Comparative Study of Student’s Preferences between Semester and Annual Examination System at D.A.V.V., Indore

Introduction: There has been a change in overall educational scenario and innovations in education are continuously taking place. Educationists constantly explore the possibilities in all possible ... Read Full Article

A Comparative Study of Organizational Commitment between Managerial and Non Managerial Employees in Insurance Sector

Introduction: Today’s competitive business environment is one that is characterized by varying complexities and a retinue of external environmental radicals that has forced most businesses to ... Read Full Article

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