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12th National Conference

Strategic System Planning In Edi Implementation

Now a day, for efficient business transactions and faster movement of information and money, many organizations have started implementing EDI systems. Big organizations are encouraging their suppliers for implementing the same so that there is faster data movement with accuracy. But, there are lot many issues that need to deal with while implementing EDI system. Present paper discusses the strategic system planning required for EDI Implementations which includes: Determination of Business and Information Needs; Defining the EDI Targets; Defining and selecting EDI Strategy; and Developing the Implementation Plan ... Read more

Cloud Computing: An Innovation To Business Solution

Today, the most popular applications are Internet services with millions of users. Websites like Google, Yahoo! and Facebook receive millions of clicks daily. This generates terabytes of invaluable data which can be used to improve online advertising strategies and user satisfaction. Real time capturing, storage, and analysis of this data are common needs of all high-end online applications. To address these problems, cloud computing technology provides various standard models and methods. Cloud computing is a style of computing where dynamically scalable and virtualized resources are provided as a service over the Internet. The cloud refers to the datacenter hardware and software that supports a clients needs, often in the form of data stores and remotely hosted applications. Cloud computing is a buzzword and umbrella term applied to several nascent trends in the turbulent landscape of information technology. Computing in the “cloud” alludes to ubiquitous and inexhaustible on-demand IT resources accessible through the Internet. Practically every new Internet-based service from Gmail to Amazon Web Services to Microsoft Online Services to even Facebook have been labeled “cloud” offerings, either officially or externally Cloud--computing is quickly becoming a useful collaboration tool in businesses and universities. We also focus on the service providers for cloud computing systems. Each of the Cloud providers have their own set of pricing, billing, flexibility, support and other important parameters in their model of computing the service. We will consider all these aspects for our study. ... Read more

Knowledge Management – Success Dynamite For Business School

In its simplest form, knowledge management is about having the capability for getting the "right" information to the "right" people on a timely basis. Academic institutions in particular management institutes (also called as business schools) have taken more interest recently in introducing KM approaches. From the academic learning point of view Knowledge Management (KM) by its nature especially is suitable. Business schools (B-schools) use information technology based tools for admissions, registrations, time table processing and performance evaluations of their faculty, students, staff and administrations. The paper presents a conceptual framework as an attempt for analyzing four phase KM methodology as one of the Knowledge Management tools in the context of Knowledge Management (KM) in Business Schools (B-schools) in India. We believe that if the framework is adopted in business schools, it will yield more benefits to increase the quality of knowledge sharing. ... Read more

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