Technology for an Efficient Classroom Learning - A Student-Centric Approach


In a world where new gadgets are being invented faster than ever, humans are becoming increasingly dependent for an enhanced efficiency. Where every sector from agriculture to aeronautical space engineering is dependent on tech savvy equipments, how can Academia remain passive? Where employers are seeking for experienced individuals in young college graduates, how can we depend on just internships for a practical exposure? Simulation and Modeling Equipments are here to offer a much better view with a dynamic approach

Teachers can get a real time formative assessment on all their students based on their performance linked with Online Cloud. Their role in a classroom is not limited to delivering a lesson, but is also to support and guide their students. Here, Technology in Education aids in critical thinking and problem solving skills which helps Educators to find lacunae in understanding. Technology can be a blessing in terms of pedagogical resources and a means of connecting with the younger generation.

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