A Study on Inclination towards Entrepreneurship among University Students


Scott Balsky said about entrepreneurship “It is not about ideas, it is about making idea happen”


When the idea starts implementing the entrepreneurship starts, the sources of idea generation are the minds of young people, the  average age of Indian is expected to be 29 years in 2020 This is a great time to India to boost as an entrepreneurial country and Indian government is not unaware about this fact and it is working towards motivating Indian youths to be an entrepreneur and offers many schemes for entrepreneurship development, many government departments have their own programs that encourage entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship now a day’s called as start ups. To boost India as an entrepreneurial country, she needs to identify the reasons behind inclination towards entrepreneurship and disinclination towards entrepreneurship. By finding out these reasons it would be easy to motivate youth to be an entrepreneur and motivate to starts a startup and this reasons may help in identifying the factors to be explored and the factors to be closed in which we are working to promote entrepreneurship. Higher Education students are the key factors of boosting and generating entrepreneurship idea and the Higher education Institutions are the platform to prepare students to implement their ideas as en entrepreneurship and both of this are the tools for government to make India as an Entrepreneurial Country. This research paper finds out the reasons behind entrepreneurship inclination and disinclination among Indian youths; students of commerce and management studying in higher education departments of DAVV, Indore.

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