A Comparative Study of Student’s Preferences between Semester and Annual Examination System at D.A.V.V., Indore


There has been a change in overall educational scenario and innovations in education are continuously taking place. Educationists constantly explore the possibilities in all possible manners and improve the current system and disclose new ideas and concepts. As stated by Myron Tribus (1994), there are innumerable proposals in educational system and there are countless number of good ideas and the target is not just to pick one of them; rather it is to have comprehensive approach to combine all good works.


Generally, the examination means testing and estimating one’s academic ability and performance. It also means to test the knowledge of a student through written or oral questions based on the prescribed syllabus provided for the test within specific period of time (Collins & O'Brien, 2011). According to Hill (1982), examination is both a subject of research and the basic data for research. It is a very important aspect of the teaching, learning process, and educational development which determines the future of students, as the whole life of students depends upon it. 

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