CSR Funds in Banking Sector as an Effective Means for Financial Inclusion Initiatives in India

The objective of the financial inclusion initiatives is to ensure that everyone, particularly poor people has access to the financial services and products. The banking organizations must have to evolve specific strategies to expand the outreach of their services in order to promote financial inclusion as only banks have such required expertise, capabilities, technology and infrastructure to deal with financial inclusion problem. The objective of present study to find out the current CSR activities adopted by Indian banking sector and further to develop a framework that can ensure effective utilization of CSR funds for financial inclusion initiatives in India. The outcomes of study suggest that banking organizations like HDFC and ICICI have already started to use CSR funds for dealing financial Inclusion problem. These organizations have strategic and focused vision for their CSR initiatives and their CSR initiatives are integrated with their business expertise, core competencies and core business objectives. While other banking organizations like State bank of India, Punjab national bank and Bank of Baroda are still not clear with their CSR vision. 

Keywords: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Financial Inclusion, Banking Organizations.

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