The Impact of Trust on Acceptance of Internet Banking

In today’s world Internet Banking is growing day by day. It has been a successful tool in our country to reduce the bank’s working cost and on the counter side has reduced the time of working and has also benefited to the customers. But still there are some parts of population who still perceive a great risk for the internet banking. This paper introduces a conceptual framework under which trust will be associated with the acceptance of internet banking by the people. This research shows that the trust is directly proportionate to the willingness of the individuals to accept the new technology and the number of attempts made by them to use this technology. Detailed information on the Internet Banking and trust is provided. All the factors affecting about the trust are discussed in depth. Variables suitable for the internet banking are suggested and also the justification for the conceptual framework is argued. Finally the implementation and recommendations for internet banking acceptance is suggested.

Keywords: Internet Banking, Trust, Technology and Willingness.

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