Importance of Nurturing Values and Ethics in Business with Special Reference to Corrupted Indian Economy

The paper seeks to draw attention on the importance of following ethical values in businesses in the contemporary Indian society which is profoundly entrenched under the demon of corruption. It discusses the various factors responsible for not observing such norms and the importance of following ethics and values in businesses. The corporate sector in contemporary India has become the puppet in the hands of a few selfish managers and leaders. It’s the high time to revive the long forgotten values and ethics in the business trends so that the country can be saved from the downfall as well as can be benefitted from its multifaceted advantages. The paper also discusses the possible explanations for the high idealism scores of managers and a seemingly contradictory perception of India as overall a corrupt country with wide spread unethical business practices. 

Keywords: Business Trends, Corporate, Corruption, Economy, Contemporary India.

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