Gender Effect on Visitors Satisfaction Towards Heritage Tourism

Tourism is one of the world fastest growing Industry. The tourism industry in India is substantial & vibrant & the country is fast becoming a major global destination. India’s travel & tourism industry is one of the most profitable industries in the country & also credited with contributing a substantial amount of foreign exchange. It is so much affected with perception & pleasure of the tourist which they carry with them about a destination. The present research paper vitally examines & analyzes the factors that create a favorable image of the destination in the mind of the visitors. 

For this research paper a total sample population of 100 respondents / folks has been taken & emphasizes the gender criteria for gauging the visitor’s satisfaction towards heritage tourism.

 Exploratory factor analysis with varimax rotation  extracted five factors - Culture & traditions aspect, Information source & reachability, Value based aspect, Heritage & service  aspect, Government support,. Along with theses overall satisfaction of visitors, likely to return & last but not the least is likely to recommend were also included for further analysis. 

The study reveal that the degree of significance was not accepted between the male & female group of respondents, there is a significance difference on the basis of value based factor, however  the other factors observed in male & female group of respondents are the quite similar. The findings of this paper basically indicate a scope of further research in this field.

Keywords: Heritage Tourism, Visitor’s Satisfaction, Tourism Industry.

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