Digital Marketing: Strategies for building Brand Image /Brand Preference


Branding decisions are becoming complex in the modern era of digitalization. Technology improvement in the field of telecommunications changing the marketing scenario in the country. The intense competition in the business making business firms in innovative and creative ideas to enhance the market share thereby increasing profitability and long term existence. The behavior of customers in the globalization era is complex as more information reaching to them. This situation leads to adopt more creative techniques in winning the hearts of customers. Methodology adopted here to know the effect of digitalization of marketing strategy in building brand image and brand preference is based on pilot study collecting primary data through structured questionnaire and also secondary data wherever necessary. This pilot study conducted both in selected rural as well as urban areas of Telangana state. This paper will reveal the behavior of customers exist in selected rural and urban areas of the state.

Key words: Digital Marketing Strategy, Brand Preference, Brand Image, Urban Area, Rural Area. 

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