Perception and attitude of Generation cohorts towards ICT for buying decisions


Online retailers are proliferating in huge numbers and they have observed a shift in the trend of consumers making buying decisions virtually over buying in brick and mortar retailers. There are various factors which is influencing this change of pattern. The generation cohort groups referred to as Gen X and Gen Y in the study refers to the group who belong to same age group, who share common beliefs, values, attitudes and who share common experiences during their life cycle. It is been considered as one of the basis for market segmentation (Kotler 2000). This study makes an attempt to understand the perceptions and attitudes of different generation groups towards information and communication technology (ICT) for buying decisions. It becomes important for the online marketers to understand this diversified market segments so that they can respond with suitable strategies and can further capture the market share.  

The current paper is designed to yield results on awareness, perception, and attitude of different generations towards the information and communication technology for buying decisions. The study was carried out in Bangalore City with the sample size of 100 respondents using stratified sampling technique. The Hypothesis was proposed for the variables under study and tested. The data collected were analyzed using chi-square test and two population t test. 

Key words: Generation Cohorts, ICT, Perception, Attitude

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