Delivering Services Digitally-A conceptual framework


New Opportunities and new challenges evolving in the era of globalization. To grab the  opportunities technology innovation and implementation is necessary. Digitalization is entering into all the walks of life. In business also digitalization playing a key role in enhancing business activities thereby increasing profitability along with efficiency. As world is moving towards digitalization India is also slowly adopting the digitalization path. In India literacy rate and lack of infrastructure facilities throwing a greater difficulty in achieving the goal of transformation towards digitalization. Government and Private agencies have to play a key role together in total transformation to digital world. There is a wide gap between rural India and urban India in terms of communications infrastructure. Bridging this gap is necessary to reach the goal of make in India concept. Digitalization encompassing finance area throwing  new challenges in India due to lack of awareness among people. This paper is a conceptual framework throwing some light in the aspects related to digitalization and its issues and risk factors related to finance. This paper will explore the ways to overcome the risk factors associated with finance.

Key words: Digitalization, Rural, Urban, Literacy Rate, Infrastructure. 

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