The Emerging Medical Tourism Industry in Maharashtra State


This research Paper is exploring a new emerging Medical Tourism industry in Maharashtra. The main objective is to take overview of overwhelming performance of Medical tourism Industry in India, Tourism and Medical tourism Industry in Maharashtra in 2016. Maharashtra state is the third largest state of India both in area and population. Maharashtra state abounds in various tourist attractions ranging from ancient cave temples, unspoiled beaches, ancient forts and monuments, forest and wildlife, unique hill stations, and a rich tradition of festivals, art and culture. Maharashtra is a favorite destination place of domestic and foreign tourists. In the period of globalization Maharashtra is ahead in health care.  This paper is also to take overview of a Niche Tourism services introduced by Maharashtra tourism department in the tourism policy i. e “Medical Tourism”.The discussion is framed around the positive performance indicators of medical services in India, state wise economical rates, number of accredited hospitals in India, state wise number of hospitals, doctors, and nurses in Maharashtra, overview of private joint venture projects in health sector in India and also in Maharashtra. These positive indicators are definitely increasing the credibility and preference of Maharashtra medical services in International Markets.

Key Words: Medical tourism, Tourism, Foreign Tourist, Arrivals Accreditations, Domestic Visitors.

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