Retaining Diligent Employees through Career Development: with reference to IT Industry


Today's employees are more careers conscious than ever. They are demanding more in terms of personal growth and development. Organizations that fail to allow employees to meet their individual needs will be losing valued employees. This paper will examine the role and importance of Career Development Programs in developing and retaining diligent employees. A Career Development Program seeks to match to needs of the employee with those of the organization with the major components being counseling and training. Counseling provides employees with the opportunity to define career goals and to create plans within the context of organizational realities. Training allows the employee to develop and acquire knowledge, skills and abilities required to enhance his/her current job and prepares them for future job opportunities. As we approach the 21st Century, it is essential that organizations place a high value on career development. This will allow employees to fulfill their career needs, and organizations will benefit by retaining a greater number of their competent and qualified employees.

Keywords-Career Development, Counseling, Retaining and Growth

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