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Role of Education in Modernization

It is very easy to explain importance of education. No human beings are able to survive properly without education. By the means of education only ... Read Full Article

Web Based Education and Training

Everywhere in India, Government provides primary education at no cost or negligible cost. We have many schools, enough teachers and facilities for students and teachers. ... Read Full Article

Semester System Vs Annual System of Examination

The Purpose of this study is to pin point as well expose differences between marks scored by the students in annual system of examination and ... Read Full Article

E-School and E-Universities

From technology that helps homebound students “attend” school remotely, to resources that connect students with speech and occupational therapists online, new therapy delivery models are ... Read Full Article

An Introduction to Non Monetary Rewards

Introduction: It is widely accepted by the organizational theorists that manpower is one of the most important assets of an organization, because things are getting ... Read Full Article

Computer Education

Computers and related technologies are now in almost every school across the nation. State reform efforts include the integration of technology in curriculum standards and ... Read Full Article

A Study on Opportunities and Challenges Ahead for Electronic Learning in India

The term Electronic Learning or e-Learning is being used in India rather rarely. Electronic education is going to become the dominant form of education in ... Read Full Article

Use of Computer in the Field of Education

The word Computer is not restricted to computer system or laptop only it also means smart phones, tablets, i-pad, palm top, mobile phones etc. And ... Read Full Article

Evaluation of Management Education in Indore: Issues, Challenges & Opportunities

Liberalization, privatization and globalization are responsible for growth of management education in India. The b-Schools in India is contributing towards the development of industry by ... Read Full Article

The Basic Art and Science in Management Education

One of the enduring questions in the field of management is whether it is an art or a science. Dictionary defines Management as an art ... Read Full Article

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