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Indian Higher Education-Issues & Challenges

Higher Education is an educational level that follows a completion of a school providing a secondary education, such as a high school, secondary school. Higher ... Read Full Article

Challenges in Education and Sustainability of Government

Since Independence, successive Indian governments have had to address a number of key challenges with regard to education policy, which has always formed a crucial ... Read Full Article

Impact of Education on Socio-Economic Development

It is very easy to explain importance of education. No human beings are able to survive properly without education. By the means of education only ... Read Full Article

Emerging Challenges and Thrust Areas of Indian Higher Education System

The path of liberalization and globalization has had enormous ramifications and reflections on several facets of the economy. The education sector has been no exception. ... Read Full Article

A Study on Overview of Employee Attrition Rate in India

The pressures in the free economy, breakdown of trade barriers, fierce competition and globalization are making enormous demands on today’s corporation to compete in every ... Read Full Article

Home Schooling through Social Networking Sites

Social media has a great effect on every area of our lives. The internet has been invading homes at a fast pace due to the ... Read Full Article

Quality Issues in Education

Although education received much attention in India ever since independence, it is only during last decades, education has expanded remarkably as indicated by rapidly increasing ... Read Full Article

Changes and Challenges in Higher Education

India was known for its teaching during 18th century, but now it seems that we have lost our way, therefore it is need of hour ... Read Full Article

Retaining People A Challenge

Having good, potential, loyal employee in the business company is very important for the future of the company. It is the source of power for ... Read Full Article

Changes and Challenges in Management Education

Management Education is witnessing great upheaval in the present scenario where the country is going through a period of economic recession and unmet serious demand ... Read Full Article

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